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Really nice calculatorStars
by NeedHim

Having multiple calculators that you can use your calculations in is really a cool function. Prevents you from having to have a pad and paper to figure out multiple calculations. Also the colors are just incredible.
by Dr. Hydrogen

Excellent app. I've had it for over a year. It's like having four calculators at once. It shows your work like a printing calculator does and is easy to backspace. I probably have some kind of complaint but I can't think of it, so I doubt it's important.
Simply amazing.Stars
by oddgoingson

I was blown away by this app. When I first tried it and the tutorial came up, my first instinct was to skip past it. Then I started... Blown away. This calculator has everything and more. It is so logical for those who always wondered why calculators are sometimes so archaic. Forget copy and paste. Then I got to the graphing.... A must have period!
Great calculatorStars
by Derisan

But it's the file size that truly praise worthy. Thanks to the developers for making an app that nice and not filing my 5c's space.
by Michael

I've always hated how calculators didn't save answers. It made working out equations very hard and time consuming. But this app does that, and it does it well! Finally, a calculator app that actually works.
A must haveStars
by sahilhamal

Great app!!!
outstanding calculator -- full featured!Stars
by ofloveandhate

I have been using Solve for a few years now. Prompt updates, excellent controls, and a ton of features make it the best calculator I have used. I love having four separate units which I can use in each other and the plotting is easy as pi.
by Ruslan Arhipov

It's best calc in AppStore!
Top Notch, did it rightStars
by Fire Heist - Detrex

Best calculator I've ever used. Really flexible and allows you to have multiple virtual calculators. Plenty of features that would cost 10x more if found on a physical calculator.
Best Calculator for iPhone/iPod Touch!!!Stars
by Nargle1701

I have multiple calculator apps on all my devices and I kept coming back to this one, becuase of it's unique ability to let you copy answers and enter those numbers into other problems with a simple swipe and tap. This app is so easy to use and to navigate and is aestheticaly pleasing too. Having four calculators in one comes in more handy more often than I would have thought. Though, it's more fun to use on the iPhone and iPod, I ended up keeping it in my dock on my MacBook Air and iMac. Very good investment.
by Ashcroftv

Coolest interface I have seen and works perfectly.
Great appStars
by biosci

It does everything I need in a 'fun' way that's intuitive to how I think and operate. I'll take it!
Fun AppStars
by Finger Arts Fan

This app is not only comprehensive, it's also fun!
Best Calculator in app form!Stars
by Joseph Coleman

This is the sleekest, powerful, calculator I have ever used! Well deserving of my 5 star rating!
Clean interface with useful featuresStars
by crissy557

After trying many different calculator apps, this is the first one that has actually replaced the default iPhone calculator for me. It is perhaps a bit more colorful than needed, but the extra colors pop out and make it a more pleasant app to use. The memory features in the app are amazing for people who do repeat calculations using the same numbers.
by NewAlexandria

Wonderful design makes it feel easy to use
Great CalculatorStars
by Carl E. M.

This is a great calculator, aesthetically and functionally. Having the answer appear as you enter numbers will be the future of all calculators.
I love this calculatorStars
by Alan63134

I work on a shipping dock and it saves me a lot of time and headache. I can have 4 different calculator in one place. I can see the different weights or counts and know where I am if I have to do a lot of weighing or counting on different pallets. I use it every day. I also use it while shopping and can add the price of my shopping list and calculate what things cost. I love this calculator.
What the iOS calc should be!Stars
by Redasian

I love how it can keep track of all my numbers in a long equation, just like back in the days of the graphing calculator.
Just what you needStars
by gtg462w

Does exactly what it should and nothing else. I like the multiple tab feature and easy number storage. Nice work!
by Pablo Enrique

Intuitive and a pleasure to use. Makes long, tedious calculations simple with the ability to store and retrieve previous answers in just a few swipes.
I am totally humbledStars
by Nicholas Prieve

This is amazing...
by Eli Kane

Best graphing interface I have used so far on Android. Love the inclusion of graphing over time- really expands understanding of some functions, especially ones tied to physical phenomena. Outstanding and worth every penny. Thanks!
by kcmac1

Just discovered this gem. Great touch interface. Love the memory function using separate calculators. Ability to see equations and easily edit them very intuitive.
by smart-music-fan

This app is great. It easily graphs functions on the xy plane, and adding T as a variable to make the graph move is so fun. Its 3D graphing capability is great - quick, easy (it sets nice bounds on the z axis so you can see things clearly), and helpful for visualizing my Multivariable Calculus homework.
by EthicalCannibal

This is my go to calculator. I love that it has four screens so I can do different things without losing my place. It's also as much scientific calculator as I need.
by A Google User

It is stupid how excited I am about a calculator right now.
Google Nexus 7Stars
by ar1s

Wonderful. It's really easy to use. The concept of working with four calculators at the same time is really great. What a pitty most android users want everything for free. They will miss this masterpiece.
Asus EeePad Transformer TF101Stars
by Brett

So well thought out! This calculator app is the first I have seen to really take advantage of a touch screen environment. The controls are intuitive and the graphing options make this seemingly simple app quite powerful. The best feature is that the app runs four calculators at once. A complicated function can be broken apart across several calculators and then reassembled by dragging the components into one equation... Amazingly useful!
So well thought out!Stars
by A Google User

This calculator app is the first I have seen to really take advantage of a touch screen environment. The controls are intuitive and the graphing options make this seemingly simple app quite powerful. The best feature is that the app runs four calculators at once. A complicated function can be broken apart across several calculators and then reassembled by dragging the components into one equation... Amazingly useful!
by xTricksterz

This app is beautiful, I use on my iPad and I'm first to answer most of the problems in class. This app shreds TI's calculator OS.
by mmonagha

Intuitive, innovative, and useful. Great app!
by Donniew84

I just love it!
by Hamster at Dawn

This is a very good calculator, it has all the functions you need for A levels and more. The graph drawing is so much fun since you can draw 3D graphs and even graphs that change with time. It also does it all instantly unlike conventional graphical calculators that can be painfully slow. Ten thumbs up!
by llikeadodachacha

Does just about everything my TI-84 Plus but quicker and much easier to manipulate the graphs. It loads instantly and the 3D function is awesome for higher level math classes (I'm in Calc 3 now and it's already come in hand!)
Solve is a calculator like no other! Solve solves as you type and features an innovative memory system to store and recall answers. Simply touch the answer to store it and touch the stored answer to use it in an expression.
Available on the App Store    Available on the App Store
Solve has four tabs that select four different calculators each with its own color. Multiply numbers, calculate a tip and find a square root all without clearing your results!
Google Play

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Graphing Equations
Solve plots 2D and 3D functions using the x, y and θ variables. When you use these variables in an equation the output will change to Touch to Plot.

Plot 2D functions using the x variable.

Plot polar equations by using the x and y variables.

Plot 3D functions by using the x and y variables.

Graph multiple functions by separating each equation with a comma.

The T variable is used to create animated or time plots and can be used with both 2D and 3D functions.