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Love it!
by cdctx

Fun and challenging, and addicting. Can't wait for more levels!
Available on the App Store

A lesson to learn
by Apple_Addicted

It's really amazing how Pomegranate Software gave this app free. There are a lot of companies charging for the same, thinking only in business. We must recognize the benefit of this service to the knowledge of the children by giving this app free. THANK YOU Pomegranate, well done.
Available on the App Store

Perfect math reference app for all level math
by Chrisgoo123

Love this app! Really helps in AP Calc class.
Available on the App Store

by JacieAC

Love this new emoji app from Hip Hip!! By far the best-looking emojis I have seen! It's a lot of fun getting to customize the characters, and the app runs flawlessly. Highly recommend!
Available on the App Store

Exciting, beautiful, meditative
by amusante

I am a color junkie. I am a math junkie. I am a pattern junkie. This app is perfection for me. The graphics are wonderful and the pattern flows are beautifully done. I could. and often do, veg out on this when I'm problem-solving. Seems to trigger all the right neurons.
Available on the App Store

Awesome and Adorable
by MrsQohelet

Wow! I can dim my phone in the dark without my glasses while half asleep --without waking my husband!! And, it's super cute.
Available on the App Store

Tremendous Power for Price
by Zeekheimer

For years, I've used the MathStudio app on my iPhone in my job as an engineer. In particular, I rely heavily on the app's scrolling log of calculations: a great way to ward off the introduction of errors in a long chain of computations. Great app.
Available on the App Store

by estenoz

This is a great app. One of the most complete out there.
Available on the App Store

Simple but chic weather app
by superRetro Zac

Love the pink interface with all the info in one screen. Very simple to get all the info in one glance!
Available on the App Store

Best Calculator for iPhone/iPod Touch!!!
by Nargle1701

I have multiple calculator apps on all my devices and I kept coming back to this one, becuase of it's unique ability to let you copy answers and enter those numbers into other problems with a simple swipe and tap. This app is so easy to use and to navigate and is aestheticaly pleasing too. Having four calculators in one comes in more handy more often than I would have thought. Though, it's more fun to use on the iPhone and iPod, I ended up keeping it in my dock on my MacBook Air and iMac. Very good investment.
Available on the App Store
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New versions of MathStudio v7.1 now available for iOS and Mac!