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Arcs Puts New Spin On Puzzling

The game truly meets itís goal of becoming a quick and yet immersive puzzle game. Over all Pomegranate Software really impressed us by their adaption of the tile game as well as the precision and yet simplicity of the game.
Available on the App Store

New update works!!!!!!
by Startortoise

If you are trying to get your children to learn their multiplication tables, addition, division or subtraction, this is the app for you. This app is really fun and children love to compete with one another. I even started playing against my son, he can now multiply 2 by 2 digits mentally!!
Available on the App Store

by Firesoul453

It's like having a simple wolfram alpha you can use offline!
Available on the App Store

Great app
by Dward4904

This app is very handy. It is great if you are looking for more than just calorie or fat content. You can look at the food to see its nutrition or you can search by nutrient to find which foods are the best sources.
Available on the App Store

"The Thumbprint Of God"
by Earl C Grey

That was the term Arthur C Clark used when referring to The 'M' Set, insomuch that one can see all kinds of various natural forms in this simple equation. Perhaps it's the formula used by nature herself when creating coral reefs, seahorses, elephants, ferns, and the plethora of familiar organic shapes revealed in a Mandelbrot zoom. This app is fantastic! The colors: Vibrant. The zooms go into infinity. None of the 'crashes' one experiences in some of the lesser fractal generators out there. I LOVE it! My favorite iPad app so-far.
Available on the App Store

Thank You
by Elad David Galili

Cutest and the only one that makes the choice intuitive..... Well who can compete with someone who wants to do his or her best for a child ha?! May children inspire us all every day!
Available on the App Store

Best iPhone Math App
by Industrial Emgineer

Hands down the best math app for the iPhone. Everything works, from simple equation solving to plots to 3d to Laplace and Inverse Laplace. DifEq solving is superb. This app is awesome on both the iPhone and iPad, worth every cent, enormously useful. You can't go wrong buying this app if you need serious math on your iDevice!
Available on the App Store

Simple but chic weather app
by superRetro Zac

Love the pink interface with all the info in one screen. Very simple to get all the info in one glance!
Available on the App Store

Fun App
by Finger Arts Fan

This app is not only comprehensive, it's also fun!
Available on the App Store
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IconMAY 13, 2015
MathStudio is now available for Apple Watch!
IconAPRIL 29, 2015
Plot graphs on your wrist with Ask MathStudio v1.5 for Apple Watch!
IconAPRIL 12, 2015
Ask MathStudio is now available for the Apple Watch!
IconFEBRUARY 20, 2015
MathStudio 6 is now available on the @AppStore for iPhone and iPad!
IconFEBRUARY 14, 2015
Watch the upcoming app preview and view new screenshots for MathStudio 6 coming soon to the @AppStore!
IconJANUARY 11, 2015
Find currency conversions, solve limits and plot time graphs with Ask MathStudio 1.1 on the App Store!
IconDECEMBER 22, 2014
Ask MathStudio is a natural language graphing calculator and unit converter. Available now on the App Store!
IconOCTOBER 25, 2014
Solve 5 is now available on the App Store with added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
IconOCTOBER 23, 2014
Tilt your iPhone! Foodle 5.2 features a new landscape layout for all iPhone models.
IconOCTOBER 22, 2014
Foodle 5.2 is now available. Find foods highest in over 70 different nutrients!

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