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Love it!!!
by KriSk0DiSk0

The ultimate puzzle game! I cant find anything else like it. Im hooked.
Available on the App Store

Father of 10 and 6
by RamkiHome

Easy way to entertain and challenge the kids and some times helps the adults to focus and regain some attention span. Simple and cool interface. I had this in my windows mobile and glad they have it in iPhone.
Available on the App Store

by Firesoul453

It's like having a simple wolfram alpha you can use offline!
Available on the App Store

Absolutely Amazing!! Nutrition Facts at Your Fingertips :)
by Yvette Lebby

This application is awesome!! It provides a complete database of nutrition facts in a easy straightforward way!!
Available on the App Store

Update is perfect!
by Emppu66

Thank you for working out so many kinks! Zoom is so much better and detail is improved! I love fractals and the improvements made this the perfect fractal app!
Available on the App Store

Thank You
by Elad David Galili

Cutest and the only one that makes the choice intuitive..... Well who can compete with someone who wants to do his or her best for a child ha?! May children inspire us all every day!
Available on the App Store

Replace your old graphing calculator!
by AppShouter

This app really goes beyond your typical graphing calculator as well. How? By allowing you to interact with the graphs that you generate by touching them! I could go on and on about this app, but If you're still reading this review, let's just say that you're probably not going to find a better graphing calculator than this in the App Store.
Available on the App Store

by what a world what a world

I've used this app on my iPod, my iPad, and now with my MacBook Pro. I've checked out other calculators and I still like the feature set of this one. The tutorials are fantastic, the functions list is excellent, all it takes is some effort, and time, to get it together. I like the fact that it is what it is, a hardcore graphing calculator. To use the app is really simple, all I had to do was follow the tutorials, and there are plenty to get you going, then you are off and running. There is a manual you can download, the interface is excellent (after watching the tutorials) and covers everything this app gives. And finally, the app developer will reply to your queries. Really guys, you will not be unhappy with this app. Thanks for your time.
Available on the App Store

Simple but chic weather app
by superRetro Zac

Love the pink interface with all the info in one screen. Very simple to get all the info in one glance!
Available on the App Store

by Hamster at Dawn

This is a very good calculator, it has all the functions you need for A levels and more. The graph drawing is so much fun since you can draw 3D graphs and even graphs that change with time. It also does it all instantly unlike conventional graphical calculators that can be painfully slow. Ten thumbs up!
Available on the App Store
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IconFEBRUARY 20, 2015
MathStudio 6 is now available on the @AppStore for iPhone and iPad!
IconFEBRUARY 14, 2015
Watch the upcoming app preview and view new screenshots for MathStudio 6 coming soon to the @AppStore!
IconJANUARY 11, 2015
Find currency conversions, solve limits and plot time graphs with Ask MathStudio 1.1 on the App Store!
IconDECEMBER 22, 2014
Ask MathStudio is a natural language graphing calculator and unit converter. Available now on the App Store!
IconOCTOBER 25, 2014
Solve 5 is now available on the App Store with added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
IconOCTOBER 23, 2014
Tilt your iPhone! Foodle 5.2 features a new landscape layout for all iPhone models.
IconOCTOBER 22, 2014
Foodle 5.2 is now available. Find foods highest in over 70 different nutrients!
IconOCTOBER 8, 2014
Fractals 3 is now available on the App Store!
IconOCTOBER 7, 2014
Fractals 3 is coming soon to the App Store! New update is waiting approval from Apple.
IconOCTOBER 2, 2014
@EldarSkjorten Great videos! Yes an update for Fractals is coming soon for iOS 8.