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by Navajo

It's a tongue twister for your brain.
Available on the App Store

New update works!!!!!!
by Startortoise

If you are trying to get your children to learn their multiplication tables, addition, division or subtraction, this is the app for you. This app is really fun and children love to compete with one another. I even started playing against my son, he can now multiply 2 by 2 digits mentally!!
Available on the App Store

Perfect math reference app for all level math
by Chrisgoo123

Love this app! Really helps in AP Calc class.
Available on the App Store

Excellent source of information!
by Protonik

Very complete and each upgrade gets better and better.
Available on the App Store

by Excellent !

With so many color possibilities and very fast I have saved hundreds of beautiful pics.
Available on the App Store

Thank You
by Elad David Galili

Cutest and the only one that makes the choice intuitive..... Well who can compete with someone who wants to do his or her best for a child ha?! May children inspire us all every day!
Available on the App Store


This is by far the best calculator (if you can call it that) app on the iTunes app store (as of the beginning of 2009)- it has a featureset comparable to that of an advanced graphing calculator, like a TI-89, but with the benefit of a touch-screen interface and full-color graphics (which are especially nice for 3D plotting). SpaceTime also performs both numeric and symbolic algebra and calculus (including some advanced functions) and supports scripting. If you've used software like Maple or Mathematica, SpaceTime works in a similar function- not quite as feature-rich, but far more than you might expect from a handheld device.
Available on the App Store

Simple perfection
by Anicecupofteaandbiscuits

At a glance I have so much information. I absolutely love it. Well done designers.
Available on the App Store

Simply amazing.
by oddgoingson

I was blown away by this app. When I first tried it and the tutorial came up, my first instinct was to skip past it. Then I started... Blown away. This calculator has everything and more. It is so logical for those who always wondered why calculators are sometimes so archaic. Forget copy and paste. Then I got to the graphing.... A must have period!
Available on the App Store
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