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Really fun!!!
by Li3303

A great game! Copy the color pattern in the sample circle by turning the rings. There's one black empty space. You push the arc you want to move onto into the empty space then turn the rings to reposition it. It's like one of those number 15 puzzle games only with a circle, arcs and pretty colors.
Available on the App Store

Great game for math nerds
by Pusalieth

If you like doing math for fun you'll enjoy this game. Has multiple difficulties and you can specify between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Available on the App Store

by Firesoul453

It's like having a simple wolfram alpha you can use offline!
Available on the App Store

Intuitive, Fact checked, Patriotic
by JUSA2oI6$$!

I've downloaded all the Trump apps and this app does the best job of outlining Mr. Trump's values and intentions for the presidency. All news is fact checked and without the added media spin!
Available on the App Store

by JacieAC

Love this new emoji app from Hip Hip!! By far the best-looking emojis I have seen! It's a lot of fun getting to customize the characters, and the app runs flawlessly. Highly recommend!
Available on the App Store

by LSperring

I've almost been waiting my whole I-pad experience to find a fractal app!
Available on the App Store

Awesome and Adorable
by MrsQohelet

Wow! I can dim my phone in the dark without my glasses while half asleep --without waking my husband!! And, it's super cute.
Available on the App Store

Simply the best calc app for the iphone
by ilachina

I used to own a Pocket PC (before it was stolen and I moved to an iPhone). I regretted nothing about moving to an iPhone except having to give up my one truly indispensible application on the PocketPC, namely SpaceTime. I lamented its absence from the iPhone ever since. Now its here and available! It is a programming tour-de-force, and really does provide a substantial subset of the functionality of desktop powerhouses like Mathematica and Maple. To compare it to a "calculator" is somewhat like comparing a racing car to a road bike. Vastly different leagues. It would arguably be worth the "price of admission" if all it offered was its graphing capabilities and nothing else. That it offers everything a conventional scientific calculator does plus a full suite of symbolic algebra functionality is a rich frosting on the cake. I applaud the programming team for developing an extraordinary little program, and for making it available to a broader community. It matches or exceeeds an HP-50g or Ti-89 for pure functionality, yet is offered for a fraction of the cost. If you are an engineer or scientist, or anyone in search of a full function scientific calculator/plotter/symbolic manipulator, you've found your iPhone dream app.
Available on the App Store

Great app
by Dward4904

This app is very handy. It is great if you are looking for more than just calorie or fat content. You can look at the food to see its nutrition or you can search by nutrient to find which foods are the best sources.
Available on the App Store

Simple perfection
by Anicecupofteaandbiscuits

At a glance I have so much information. I absolutely love it. Well done designers.
Available on the App Store

by A Google User

It is stupid how excited I am about a calculator right now.
Available on the App Store
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Solve 5 is now available on the App Store with added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
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Tilt your iPhone! Foodle 5.2 features a new landscape layout for all iPhone models.